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For our NC customers - Interested in stocking your freezer full of quality beef.  Put a deposit down today to reverse your cow.  We have dates throughout 2024 however they fill up quickly.

How it works ....

Once you put down a share deposit, we will follow up confirming the next available processing date and a cut sheet to complete.   The cut sheet instructs us how you'd like you're share cut - steak thickness, steak and roast preferences, special cuts, and if you prefer any bones/organs.   Note: depending on the size share you select, you may be limited on certain cuts.  We our open to entertain any special requests however we do not promise to fulfill based on the butcher's abilities.  We are happy to set up a time to discuss the cut sheet more in depth and/or provide recommendations of cuts based on your cooking preferences.

From the date of your share processing, it is approximately a 30 day time frame to get to your finished beef cuts.  This includes harvest, dry aging, cutting, packaging, and finally delivery/pick up.

Our shares are charged on the hanging weight of the steer.   The deposit down is subtracted from the total cost and balance is due prior to meat pick up.

  • Live - Weight of steer before harvest.
  • Hanging - Weight of steer carcass after harvest and evisceration.
  • Finished - Weight after dry aging and butchering based on customer's cut sheet.

All of our beef and pork is USDA inspected at the butcher, which you will see on each package.  

Cuts are individually packaged and vacuum sealed.

Beef will be frozen at time of delivery/pick up. Shares are not able to be shipped.

If you have any additional questions, please fill free to reach out to Amy at 252-903-0853 or by email

  • Whole Cow of Beef
  • Half Cow of Beef
  • Quarter Cow of Beef