Meet your Beef Farmers

Tommy Lambert and Lee Sweem decided to use their passion and love for cattle to create quality beef in Nashville, North Carolina. If you enjoy locally raised quality beef, try L&S Family Farms and taste the difference.

In 2018, Lee and Tommy connected through a mutual friend and the two decided to partner up in both their desires to build both cow/calf and stocker calf operations.  At the beginning of 2021 the pair expanded the business by providing quality, pasture raised beef to the consumer.

Both working full time jobs, the weekends are full of various projects - mending fence, working cattle, baling hay, and in the winter prepping feed rations for the week ahead. Follow along on our social media to see what is involved to get from our farm to your table.  

 Meet AmyAmy Sweem - Farm Manager

Amy is about 85% of the time the voice behind L&S socially, email, and phone. I enjoy sharing our farm life with you as there is so much that people do not realize about cattle but I tend to shy away from being in front of the camera. If you hear a high pitched voice - just know that is me! I didn’t grow up around agriculture, but I absolutely love being able to raise my children in this lifestyle. Lee and I met in college; I fell in love both with him and livestock. I may not have known what I was doing but I could see the passion in his eyes for cattle and I wanted to support him in his dreams to get bigger. Fast forward to 2021 when L&S Beef hit the freezer and I’m into something again I don’t know much about but enjoying the journey. Selling at farmers markets was never something I had envisioned but as we prepare for the upcoming season, I can’t wait to dive right in. Other than being behind SM I’m also responsible for the farm books, making the cattle ear tags, keeping the cattle records, checking cattle when the guys are unavailable, as well as cooking and sharing home cooked meals that my family enjoys using L&S beef, chasing two energetic farm kids, and looking after all these cows full time! It’s a busy life but it’s the life that I love.

L&S is proud to say we are a Got To Be NC member. We are providing quality beef, raised in the great state of North Carolina.