About L&S Beef

Pasture Raised

All of our steers, also known as feeder cattle, selected for freezer beef are raised 100% on pasture with access to fresh clean drinking water.

Grain Finished

We finish out on grain, however, if ordered in advance grass finished is an option.   We grow the hay that is baled or wrapped into baleage which is fed or shredded into our grain ration.  We grow the corn silage which is chopped.  We source gin trash from a local cotton gin.

No Antibiotics

L&S fully believes in the use of antibiotics for the health and wellbeing of our herd however no antibiotics are used in our feeder cattle.  If antibiotics are necessary for a feeder, they would be withdrawn from the feeder program.

No Growth Hormones

We do not implant any growth hormones into our feeder cattle. 

Dry Aged

Once feeder cattle are ready for beef processing, the carcass is dry aged for a minimum of 21 days.  By dry aging the meat in a controlled temperature environment, the natural enzymes in the beef breakdown adding an undeniable flavor and tenderness. 

Owner, Lee Sweem, is a Beef Quality Assurance Certified Producer.  The BQA Mission is:

To maximize consumer confidence and acceptance of beef by focusing the produers' attention to daily production practices that influence the safety, wholesomeness, and quality of beef and beef products.

We now offer Pork.

Hogs are finished on a corn diet. Individual cuts and pork shares are available.



We do not accept returns on any of our meat products including shares, individual cuts, and snacks.